Tips & FAQs



We open at 9:00 am Wed, Thurs, Fri and Sat. We do not have a specified closing time. We close when our last dog gets picked up. When you check in you will be given a time frame of when your pet will be finished and also a last pick up time. We call all clients when pet is finished and usually call with a half an hour heads up. All pets need to be picked up by our close time for that day unless other arrangements have been made prior to dropping off. To better serve you, if you have any time constraints the day of your pet’s grooming we need to know this at time of booking not at drop off.

We usually give a 4-hour turnaround time and occasionally longer for larger breeds or during the holiday season. Although the entire grooming process takes anywhere from 1 hour to 2 hours we need to have the ability to “triage”, or so to speak, all pets. This is done so that every pet gets safe, quality time getting groomed. Salons that book by the hour may be rushed during grooming if, for example, you are running late, change haircuts, pet is elderly and needs breaks, pet is new and needs to be acclimated before starting the grooming process, pet has an accident, etc. If any of these situations were to happen it would cut into your pets grooming process, therefore, not properly or safely being groomed. If you would like an in and out appointment it must be requested at booking to guarantee. We do, however, like to get pets with medical issues out as quickly and safely as possible.

We understand that you love your pet and want them to feel secure, but clients are not allowed to stay with their pet unless requested by the groomer. It’s easier for a pet to acclimate getting groomed while their owners are not present. It’s like dropping your child off for the first day of school. We understand a client’s anxiety, but we assure you that your pet will be in the best of care. If at any time during the grooming process we feel your pet is too nervous or anxious to groom we will call you immediately and under no circumstances will we force a pet to be groomed.

We probably hear this question more than any other. Unfortunately, if your pet is matted throughout the body shaving may be the only option. Dematting a coat is extremely painful and stressful to a pet. Each case is different depending on the severity of matting and pet’s tolerance level. Many times, we can get the mats out safely and other times shaving is the most humane, safe option. We would discuss all of this at check in or call you during grooming process. There are many lengths of shave downs and we may be able to save a coat if possible. Sometimes, it is best to start over and find a manageable length for the client. If you do not want your pet shaved it is very important that you maintain the coat at home to prevent it from matting.

If a pet comes in excessively matted or excessively overgrown and is being taken short we must rough pre shave the coat off before the bath otherwise water and soap will not be able to penetrate the matted/overgrown coat to get the skin clean. We then have to shave a second time after the bath to finish shave and scissor the coat. A pre-strip is an extra step in the grooming process and is a extra charge. Pets that get groomed frequently and/or maintained at home will never require a pre-strip. Excessive undercoat is also due to a pet not getting groomed frequently. Certain breeds possess an undercoat for example: Pugs, Beagles, Labs, Goldens, Border Collies, Shepards, Shelties, Samoyeds, Aussies, Bernese and the majority of smooth coated and/or Large and Giant Breeds. Excessive undercoat is a buildup of coat that has not been released through brushing or blowing out. These breeds that are not regularly or properly groomed will have and excessive amount of undercoat that will need to be removed adding extra time and work to the base price of said breed therefore generating extra cost.

Often times an owner comes in with a pet that has an extensive amount of coat in good condition but wants more than an inch left all over. In order to achieve this a groomer has to basically sculpt the coat down to this length with an attachment comb and hand scissoring combination. This takes a great deal of time and skill and will result in a higher price. If you bring your pet back within the next 4 weeks your price may drop as the groomer will not basically be starting from scratch.

All prices are based on time. Since we are not a one type of cut based on breed salon and customize per client’s specifications prices will vary. A small shitzu, for example that is getting a short cut will take less time than a larger shitzu with thick coat that is getting a long hand scissor cut, therefore, the cut that requires less time will cost less. Large and Giant breeds dogs are charged more per hour as they are generally more labor intensive. Many things will affect your price: Cut, Breed, Size, Age, and Temperament, to name a few.

As stated above we customize every cut to client’s specification and prices are based on time. We have no idea knowing how long it will take to cut your pet without seeing or handling him or her. A 15lb shitzu with thin hair that was just groomed 4 weeks prior will take about an hour to groom and be charged $50 but on the other hand a 25lb shitzu with thick hair who’s owner wants a 2in. sculpted hand scissor cut may take an hour and a half and be charged $60-65… Therefore, the exact same breed with very different needs can have a big difference in price, therefore we have to quote you within a range. Once we see your pet we may be able to give you a better idea but still not exact as temperament my change price as it make take the groomer longer.

“Puppy Cut” is a term often used to describe a cut that an owner is looking to get. Unfortunately, the term “puppy cut” is very vague. There are many different lengths of “puppy cuts” so please don’t be offended when we ask you to elaborate. Every salon is different and, in some salons, “puppy cut” means shave down. We want to make sure you are getting the cut you are envisioning so may ask some specific questions.

We try not to cage any large breed or giant breeds. Many large breeds and some smaller breeds just hang around with us while we are grooming. If we do cage your pet be assured that all cages are kept in same room as groomers, can be seen at all times, and are very large with comfy beds. If you always want your pet caged or separated please let us know at check in.

We only use cage dryers for pets that cannot tolerate or fear the high velocity dryers. We DO NOT use heated cage dryers. Our cage dryers circulate room temperature air (which is kept at 66-68 degrees) therefore, avoiding overheating a pet. Dogs that do not like the cage dryers or high velocity dryers will air dry. This technique may take longer but the last thing we want is to create any stress or danger to your pet. We can see all cage dryers at all times. Pets are never put in another room to be unseen at any time during their visit with us.

We are a small, exclusive grooming salon offering customized, individualized service.

We clean the outer flap of the ear during the grooming process. We do not clean into the canal. We can do a deep cleaning for an additional charge. We will, however, not clean out any ear that is infected as it could further make the infection worse. If we notice an infection, we will let you know. It is advisable to keep your pet’s ears clean and maintained between grooms.

Many breeds grow hair in their ear canal such as shitzu, poodle, Lhasa, Yorkie, schnauzer and any mixes of these breeds, to name a few. Keeping the ear canal free from hair helps air to flow better and prevent infections. We do not advise plucking if there is not a problem but, instead, shave in front of the canal. We will pluck at the request of the client but be advised that plucking can sometimes create more problems or irritate an already on going infection. We are not responsible for any irritation or further problems that may occur.

Every pet is different, and many pets do not like the grooming process. My own pugs run away when they are getting ready to get bathed and they have been getting them for years. An anxious pet does not mean they are not being handled correctly as many people think. Many pets love to get groomed and cannot wait to get in while others run. This is more common for pets that don’t get groomed frequently or have separation anxiety. But rest assured, your pet is always are #1 priority and we want them to feel comfortable. Sometimes all that is needed is a gentle voice and a tummy rub.

It’s advisable to start your puppy as soon as possible. We like to see puppies after they have finished their vaccinations for an intro to grooming. We will get them used to the sounds and feel and just let them go at their pace. We may not be able to do a full haircut (if your pet so requires) but we will ease into that s they feel comfortable.

We feel all pets should be groomed every 4 weeks; however, we also understand that that may not be possible for all clients. Short-coated dogs like Labs, Pugs, and Beagles etc. can go longer. If you have a Shit-Zu, Lhasa, Cocker, Yorkie, Maltese, Coton, Havanese, Bichontype breed that you want to keep longer than an inch it’s advisable to get them groomed every 4 weeks and to maintain coat in between grooms at home to prevent matting.

There are a few reasons why your price may change from previous groom. If you changed haircuts, usually going longer on certain breeds or shorter if you don’t normally get them cut. If you have not been in a while and your pet has a lot of overgrowth or undercoat or had to be dematted. All these situations will require more time and therefore raise your price. We try to let you know this at check-in but may not know how much more time is required until we start the grooming process.

You are always welcome to bring in a shampoo that you prefer but we are not responsible for how much of it we use. Store and veterinarian bought shampoos are not always formulated properly to produce a proper lather and to get a pet clean enough for us to give them a proper cut. So, please keep in mind we may use more than you would if you were shampooing at home.

We groom by appointment only. You are always welcome to walk-in but we may not be able to accommodate you at that time. You are always welcome to walk in to get your pet’s nails clipped, however, it is advisable that you call ahead to assure a groomer will be in.

After Grooming Care or Questions

Often times grooming can magnify any underlying issues and although rare. There are several situations that can arise after the grooming process. These problems generally occur in pets that are not groomed frequently, have allergies and/or are matted. To avoid these issues, it’s very important to get your pet groomed frequently, maintain coat at home and tend to any seasonal or food allergies promptly.

We have compiled the most common and have explained below:

Bleeding nail–We are always very careful and try not to cut a quick, however, occasionally, specifically with pets who’s nails are not cut every 4 weeks the quick can be deceivingly long or pets that are not fond of getting their nails cut. We always will try to tell you if we bled a nail but often times its minimal and we may forget.

Often times we have not cut the quick but have gotten close to it and after the pet goes home and runs around, specifically, on pavement or sidewalk the quick may open up and bleed. If this happens please don’t be alarmed and apply either cornstarch or flour to the nail and bleeding should stop.

Shaking head–This usually occurs in pets that have an excessive amount of ear hair that was plucked or shaved. This can be prevented if groomed every 4 weeks.

Licking/Chewing–allergies, clipper irritation–This usually occurs in pets that have to be shaved down due to matting. It occurs mostly in groin and stomach region as these areas are very sensitive. It also may appear during allergy season or in pets that have skin or food allergies. It is very important you do not allow your pet to scratch at any irritations as they can create a large problem including infection.

Skin/Clipper Irritation–This is again caused most prominently in pets that have been shaved down and do not get groomed every 4-6 weeks. If we notice any irritation, we will let you know at checkout.

Temperament Change– Many people have had experiences where their pet has to be shaved down and think their pet is embarrassed. Animals don’t feel embarrassment but instead feed off the emotions of their owner. If your pet has to be shaved down it’s very important you act as if nothing has happened. Again, it’s advisable to get your pet groomed frequently and maintain your pet’s coat in between grooming to prevent matting. De-matting is another cause of stress during the grooming process and we will not demat any pet if it causes them stress.

Scooting/ Chewing at rear–The rear and private areas of a pet are very sensitive. Many times pets’s that have to be shaved close due to matting in these areas will lick or scoot to relieve itching. Please do not let your pet lick these areas. Pet’s who’s anal glands were expressed may also scoot after grooming.

Eye Irritation/allergies–The grooming process may further irritate any allergies that affect the eyes as we do use water and shampoo on the face. We are always beyond careful washing faces but even a tiny bit of water into an already irritated eye can make the situation worse. Please let us know at check-in if your pet has any food, environmental or skin allergies.

How to get the Groom You Want

We understand you have a picture in your mind of how you want your pet to look. We want to achieve this picture to the best of our ability but there are a few guidelines that may help you and us achieve what you want.

1. Please, do not rush your groomer-We understand that you are busy and have things to do and if you have any time constraints the day of your pet’s grooming we will try to accommodate you to the best of our ability. But rushing your groomer is not advisable as often times we need extra time for certain pets and/or cuts.We will also call you with a heads up when your pet is within ½ hour of being done or any specified time that is convenient for you if needed.

2. Maintain at home and get your pet groomed frequently–If you have specific ideas of how you want your pets cut to look,specifically, if you want the coat longer than ½ inches then the coat must be maintained at home in between grooms. We can always advise you of a manageable cut if requested.

3. Be realistic in your expectations -We know you may want your Westie to look like the Caesar dog or your Standard poodle to be in a show cut Continental but many times your pet may not have the same coat quality, being maintained properly at home or may have temperament issues that make certain cuts difficult. We will always try to meet your expectations but certain circumstances may prevent that from happening. The most common is the aging dog…while your once younger pet had no issues getting groomed he/she may now have difficulty. As a pet ages so does their body and mental health. We will never force a senior pet to stand for lengths of time just for the sake of a specific cut. We will always choose the pet’s best interest before a requested cut. Humanity Before Vanity is our motto.

4. If your pet is a puppy or a senior –We want your pet to have the best possible experience while getting groomed. Puppies are new to the experience and may be nervous of new sounds, distractible or wiggly. We let puppies go at their own pace at first and we may not be able to get the exact cut you are looking for at first. As pets age and get into being a senior they may have trouble standing, have neurological problems, health issues and coat changes. Due to these factors your pet may not be able to get the cut that they had been getting all of their life as we want them to be safe, secure and stress free.

5. Please be on time for your appointment or call us if you are going to be late to better accommodate you and your pet. If you are changing anything in terms of the cut and someone else is dropping off, please make sure they know exactly what you want done. If we have to contact you, it may delay your pet’s grooming