A La Carte Services

Hand Stripping

Starts at $25 in addition to full service Groom price.

Dremel Nails - Small Breeds
Dremel Nails - Large Breeds
Nail Clip - Small Breeds
Nail Clip - Large Breeds
Ear Hair Plucking
$15 (at discretion of management)
Teeth Brushing

Brushing only, we do not scale or remove tartar


Per 15 minutes per groomer approval. Dematting is very stressful and we will not demat any pet that has excessive knots, tangles or mats


Starts at $10 for small breeds (A Pre-strip is required if your pet is excessively matted and must be shaved before bath)

Pick-up/Delivery Service

Starts at $20 one way or $30 roundtrip in town

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