Intro to Grooming for Puppies

Small Breeds start at

Get your puppy started off on the right foot! Relaxing massaging hand wash, blow dry, brush out, nails cut outer ears cleaned and examined.

*Applies to small breed puppies 3 months and under

Bath and Brush

Small Breeds /Short Haired start at

Relaxing massaging hand wash anal glands expressed (if needed), blow dry, brush out, nails cut outer ears cleaned and examined

Mini Groom

Small Breeds start at

Everything included in Mini Groom plus, sanitary and pad trim (if needed), and feet and face trim. Frequently used in between full grooms.

Full Service Groom

Small Breeds start at

Everything included in partial groom plus full body haircut or breed specific pattern or cut. All pets receive bows, bandanna, bow collar, tie or bow clip and blueberry spritz with every grooming service

If you request Amy to groom your pet prices start at $65 for small breed dogs. Amy is currently not taking full service Large Breeds that require length off all over.

*Prices listed are the base price of breeds of breed standard size in maintained condition. Extra charges will incur but not limited to pets that are matted, very dirty, excessively outgrown, large for their breed, have excessive undercoat or have behavior or physical issues. Pets may also start lower in certain breeds with very little coats or are puppies. Longer cuts that require more customized hand scissoring may also raise the price.
Some breeds do not fall under every category or services. For example a pug would only fall under bath and brush unless being shaved down then would be a full service groom.
*Prices are based on time. Small breeds are charged less per hour than large or giant breeds, which are more labor intensive.
Please call us for further pricing info  (630) 208-4992

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