Holistic Grooming


What is Holistic Grooming?

Grooming dogs and cats in a holistic manner merely means giving consideration to the well being of the pet in its entirety. It is more than giving a good bath , dry, and haircut, it is thinking of the pet nas a complex, sensitive, living creature and treating it with a level of respect and kindness that will support it’s mental, psychological and physical well being. A good groom is expected from all professional stylists, but a great groom leaves the pet feeling as good as it looks. How can one accomplish this?

In part, steps would involve working in such a way that the groomer ( and grooming staff, where applicable) work together to ensure the well-being of the animals mind, body and spirit.

Grooming holistically goes beyond the basic physical work of washing, drying, brushing and trimming an animal’s coat. This discipline of grooming takes the pet’s psychological and emotional needs into consideration, promoting a feeling of comfort and security for the pet during grooming and a feeling of contentment when the process is complete.